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FT-990 documentation FT-990 mods FT-990 accessories
Scan of original FT-990 operating manual FT-990 Technical Supplement LPF schematic MD-100 owner's manual
QST November 1991 product review for FT-990 FT-990 LPF section of schematic with meter readings SP-6 external speaker and LL-5 phone patch user manual
FT-990 Service manual NT7U - FT-990 receiver audio hiss reduction modification FIF-232C owner's manual
FT-990 options set from front panel Installation of optional IF filters in the FT-990 CAT interface for Yaesu HF transceiver
FT-990 schematic on 44 inch by 31 inch paper SQ5BPF's FT990 External relay wetting circut mod Sound card interface schematic
FT-990 scan of original brochure FT-990 47Mhz IF out mod MC-60 to FT-450 wiring diagram
G7VOT's manufacturing dates from serial number FT-990 47Mhz IF out mod schematic DVS-2 digital voice recorder user manual
FT-990 technical bulletin dated 12/1992 for improved IMD FT-990 low pass filter mod - board changes HB3YDH FT-990 & Signalink hints
K1MMI's FT-990 troubleshooting suggestions FT-990 IMD mod for noise reduction Assorted CAT command strings
K1MMI's notes on FT-990 ROM versions FT-990 RF board tap point FT-990 band data cable
DL6MBI's notes on FT-990 ROM versions Place tuner in the RX/TX path FIF-232C owner's manual
FT990 tuner mod before SP-6 external speaker and LL-5 phone patch user manual
FT990 tuner mod after Yaesu FT-817ND CAT Display In Python
FT-990 RF unit - location of T1005 and T1010